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Book - Tan Hill Inn Book Bundle (3pk)

Book - Tan Hill Inn Book Bundle (3pk)

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Are you a book worm?  Or do you know someone who is?  Why not get your hands on this little book bundle consisting of the beautifully illustrated hard backed book celebrating the history of the iconic Tan Hill Inn nestled in an ocean of moorland, far from the nearest town and many miles from its next door neighbour.  Approx size is 30 x 30cms. Inn at the Top features a remarkable array of local characters, and as the new landlords of the Tan Hill Inn, a young married couple embark on a disaster-strewn career that somehow turns in to a lifelong love affair with the Dales.  In Pigs Might Fly, Neil is back with more tales of the highest inn in the British Isles.  Joining the cast are a theatrical pig, a spiky punk barmaid, two Australian handymen and a Walter Mittyesque chef.  Now the inn owner, and still stumbling from one crisis to another, they somehow manage to make the pub 'famous' with some double glazing.  Inn at the Top and Pigs Might Fly are paperback editions.

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